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Bye Bra - Lift and Shape Gala Bra Cup B (Nude)


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Finding a great bra can be hard. The bye bra lift and shape bra in nude is a wonderful option. This bra is great for strapless dresses, backless dresses, and for everyday wear. For those looking for a great nude bra that gives a natural lifted look this bra is a great option.

The cups adhere to the breast and distribute the weight of the breast evenly for a comfortable and natural look.

Measurement: Available in cup size A, B, C
Material: 82% Fabric,18% polyamide, Elastane; Adhesive: Polyolefin gel

- Clean your skin of any oils or creams.
- Remove the protective film of the Gala Bra.
- Gently place both cups of the Gala Bra to your breasts and secure the push-up adhesive pads in the right place.
- Carefully and evenly apply the adhesive wings to both sides of your torso.
- Gently press the cups and the wings onto the skin to smooth the adhesive and ensure optimal support.

Do not use the product on sensitive skin, or on scars, or if you are pregnant.