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Bijoux Indiscrets - Kristine Eyemask


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Made out of black vinyl with a geometric design that is simply exotic, the Kristine Eyemask from Bijoux Indescrets is just what you need to seduce your lover. This sexy mask simply sticks on your face using skin friendly reusable stickers. Add some mystery to your next trip to the bedroom with this sexy mask.

- 6 masks. 6 exclusive designs by Bijoux Indiscrets. 6 personalities.
- Easy to wear! Use the little stickers to apply the mask directly to your face.
- Reusable! The stickers are reusable. And there are some new ones inside.
- Skin Friendly! The adhesive of the stickers will not damage your skin.
- The stickers are flexible, which allows you to change their position so they adjust perfectly to your face.
- There are no ties! Put your mask directly on your face, without messing up your hair.
- Customizable! The material they are made of lets you cut the mask to your liking to achieve the perfect finish for your look.
- Up or down? Both ways! You decide on the position of the mask.
- They don't obscure your vision.
- 100% flexible and durable!
- Role-playing games! The masks add a sensual and mysterious touch to your encounters, choose who you want to be tonight.
- Dance all you want with your mask, its comfortable position allows you total freedom of movement.
- The perfect accessory for formal dress parties:a sensual touch for your look.
- We recommend placing the mask on skin that is clean and free of cosmetics.

Measurement: 9.5cm x 21cm