ZUSH - Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film Anti Fog Clear Rainproof Rear View Mirror Protective Soft Film

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This rearview mirror protective film for cars includes two layers of PET film and one layer of nano-adhesive, providing high levels of transparency and protection against fog, glare, mist, oil, and scratches. Its waterproof and rainproof capabilities deliver unparalleled security and clear vision, especially during inclement weather conditions.

The product features anti-fog and rainproof properties, making it both durable and reliable. Use a scraping tool or a soft cloth (such as a towel or handkerchief) to remove any excess moisture. It has been tested under various conditions, from boiling water to extreme temperatures, and has consistently provided excellent rain protection. The temperature-resistant gel ensures long-lasting stability, guaranteeing reliable performance every time.

Expertly designed for safety and protection. Constructed with eco-friendly PET and cutting-edge nano material, causing no harm to your mirror.

This car accessory features a universal design, making it suitable for use with a variety of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, trucks, and trailers. It easily fits onto the side mirrors of any standard-sized vehicle.

Suitable for use on rearview mirrors, side windows, bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, and other glass mirrors.


Circle 95*95mm(3.75''×3.75''approx)

Oval 95*135mm (3.75"×5.31''approx)

Rectangle 175*200mm (6.88''×7.87''approx)

Oval 100*145mm (3.93''×5.70''approx)

Easy Install:
Clean the mirror with the cloth included in the package to remove any dust or dirt. Apply water or alcohol before attaching the waterproof film to the rearview mirror. Use the provided scraper to remove any water or air trapped underneath the protective film.

Package included:

1 set Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film(2 Pieces)