Zush - UV Disinfectant Box (Concurrent Wireless Charging)


Want to disinfect and charge your small electronics all in one space? The Zush UV Disinfectant Box is a great option if you want to make sure your devices are going to be free of harmful bacteria and germs and you also want an easy way to charge them. This is a great option that offers disinfectant power on the inside with wireless charging on the top of the box.

- Powerful (2W) UV bulbs to effectively deactivate bacterias and viruses
- Disinfect personal items such as mobile phones, spectacles, watches, cosmeticss, reusable masks
- Supports wireless fast charging of mobile phone, while disinfecting, both at the same time!
- Light Frequency : 253.7nm
- Bulb Lifespan : 10,000 hours
- Input Voltage: 5V 3A / 9V 3 A
- Charging Method : Wireless or Wired
- Ultraviolet Power : 2W
- Disinfection Duration : 3 Minutes