Zush - Self Wash Mop and Collapsible Wash Pail Mopping System


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Cleaning can be a big hassle but with a system like the Zush Self Wash Mop and Collapsable pail, you can make cleaning a breeze. This mop and pail combo is easy to move, easy to use, and can help you get your home into tip-top shape. The mop comes with a sturdy microfiber cloth that absorbs spills and helps to clean your floors to perfection.

Quick Activate System

Each system comes with 2 devices:

1) 1 X Zush Self Wash Mop
2) 1 X Zush Collapsible Broad Pail

  • Lightning speed clean up in the event of a spill, without the need to fill any water in the pail
  • The most optimized way of cleaning a spill
  • No need to set up the mopping pail to begin mopping
  • Ultra-high absorbent microfibre cloth
  • Affordable replacement of ultra-high absorbent microfibre cloth

Zush - Collapsible Wash Pail
  • Zush - Mopping System Compatible
  • Wide ergonomic pail
  • Dual collapsible, taking up less than 0.2 sqm of floor space
  • Comes with balancing carrying handle for convenience and control