Zush - 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station


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Wireless charging is a great way to eliminate cords and other unsightly messes from your nightstand or charging area. The Zush 3 in 1 wireless charging station offers a wide range of charging capabilities so that you can find the right option for you. It can charge a range of different electronic devices and can help make any charging situation easier and more convenient for you.

- Supports Fast charge, QI Charging Technology
- Phone Charging Module
- Compatible with phones with QI wireless charging protocols
- Compatible with all iPhones that support wireless charging
- Power Output: 5W/7W/10W
- Airpods Charging Module
- Supports Airpods, Airpods Pro
- Power Output: 5W Max
- Apple Watch Module
- Supports Apple Watch 1 - 5
- Power Output: 2.5W Max
- Power input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A (Required if you intend to charge all 3 devices concurrently)

Important Note

In order for multi-device charging to function as intended, the charger needs to be supported by QC 3.0 charging adaptor.

Normal adaptors have an output of 5V / 2 A, which is sufficient for a single device charge. However, multiple device charges requires a higher power output, supported by QC 3.0 or other Higher Power Quick Chargers

Charging Adaptor is not included